Superintendent’s Council Aims To Support District Priorities

Superintendent’s Council Aims To Support District Priorities

As Knox County Schools works to strengthen ties between the district and local communities, a new initiative was launched this week to help foster engagement.

On Nov. 29 and 30, Superintendent Dr. Jon Rysewyk met with the newly created Superintendent’s Council on Accelerated Learning.

The committee includes teachers, administrators, families, business leaders, higher education partners, and nonprofit leaders. Their goal is to provide insight and guidance from diverse perspectives about the district’s operations, while also serving as champions and advocates for KCS.

In particular, council members will help develop action plans to implement the district’s four priorities:

  • Excellence in Foundational Skills;
  • Great Educators in Every School;
  • Career Empowerment and Preparation; and
  • Success for Every Student.

The goal of this committee is “to be purposeful” and identify opportunities and shortcomings in each priority and develop detailed action plans on how to improve the district within these categories, Rysewyk said.

The Council will continue to meet throughout the school year to consider major items in each priority.

“With the knowledge and context we’re going to provide for you, give us your input and ideas,” Rysewyk told Council members. “Educating kids is not just the school system’s job. We all have to figure out as a community how we’re going to do that.”

The Council is not the only new group formed to help advise on the future of Knox County Schools.

Teacher Councils and Family and Community Councils were also created in each region to provide information-sharing and consultation between families and district leaders around items that impact schools, communities, and students. A Principal Advisory Council and CEO Champions Council will also advise the Superintendent directly.